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The Style Publishing Way

Marketing with style

Style Publishing is more than just a marketing agency, or perhaps we’re exactly what a marketing agency should be. We’ll take your style, add some of our own, and publish the results where you need to be seen.

Marketing is not just about selling to your customers. You need to build a brand reputation and from that comes trust. The easiest way to get and keep the attention of your potential customers is to do one of three things: Entertain, Educate or Inspire.

Take Control of Your Marketing

We developed an in-person, one-on-one package that teaches you what we’d do to market your business. There are no secrets. We’ll empower you to run your own marketing with confidence.

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People generally don’t want to be sold to, so find a way to talk about your business, products or services in a way that is interesting to your customers. Come at it from what they want to see or hear. It’s not just about what you want to say.


We don’t know what we don’t know. Solve problems for your customers with or without your services. Be useful and build trust. People learn in different ways, so to increase your chance of people understanding what you’re sharing, present it in different ways.


Whatever you do or sell, it needs to benefit the purchaser (or you wouldn’t succeed in business). Make sure your marketing shows your customers what is possible for them and how you can help them achieve this.

Modern Marketing

Being a little bit everywhere

Repeated Exposure

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, but it needs to be done well. We’re of the “publish or perish” mindset, but publishing in 2021 can mean a number of things.

We’re talking blogs, videos, photos, social media posts and anywhere else your potential customers may have their attention.

With a little effort, your same message can appear across a multitude of platforms, and that’s what it takes these days to make an impression.

Customised Options

Marketing isn’t a one size fits all thing, but we’re pretty confident when we say that all businesses need to be releasing more platform-specific content than they currently are. 

That’s where we come in. Kirsty created Style Publishing after seeing a gap in the market for simple, effective content creation for small to medium businesses. We get that when you’re running your own small business, you don’t have time to spend on marketing.

Sensible Approach

We also get that you don’t want to spend a fortune for limited results. That’s why we make the most of… well, everything: Your time, the content, the internet.

We can turn a simple piece of text into videos, social posts, SEO-based articles, lead generation material and more. But we do it sensibly. As in, making use of software and apps to create beautiful content that won’t cost you the world. Often these are the same apps the big agencies are using but charging premium prices.

Written Content

For those who like to read (including the SEO robots)


Used to enhance your words or as standalone items


To quickly capture attention and deliver your message

Social Media

Making use of where people are placing their attention today

About Us

How it all started

Style Publishing was born as the tiny imprint for the Kingsley Kids book series. Kirsty Lee Hutton didn’t want to do things the “big publisher” way so she created her own little publisher. Then after working in a more traditional marketing agency, she saw an opportunity to grow her little publisher into a little marketing agency… with style.

Kirsty has been a writer since childhood and loves blending creative with practical business results. She worked across a range of corporate jobs while running blogs and websites as side projects. 

Most recently, she spent two years working as operations manager and unofficial marketing lead at a B2B magazine publisher and marketing agency. This solidified her understanding in many of the traditional marketing methods, and her obsession with learning, digital marketing, social media and up and coming trends helped shape a more modern view of the opportunities ahead.

Marketing doesn’t have to break the bank or be stressful. In fact, when done well it brings excitement and more business. 

And here we are… An agency that wants to help little businesses with their big dreams. We work with you to find your style, then create, publish and direct your strategy, with as much or as little input from you as you like.

How it Works

Marketing styled to your needs

We’ll take a look at where you currently are and where you want to go. We know that not all platforms are a priority for all businesses, but we may also have some marketing ideas you haven’t considered. 

Together we’ll make a plan about what you need, and then we get to work. Usually, we work on a monthly retainer, but providing great service is the most important thing, so if you want to try a limited package of work to start with we’re cool with that. 

And if you just want a marketing plan and a consultation, that’s fine too.

The Best Bit

You get the benefits

We love marketing… Like, LOVE it. That means that when we’re not working with clients or on our own stuff, we’re learning more and sharing our knowledge about the latest marketing trends. If you want to have a crack at doing all your marketing yourself, we’ll be cheering loudly from the sidelines and you can find our best tips on how to be successful on our blog. 

Why would we tell you our secrets? Because even though parts of marketing are simple, it’s not easy… even you have a roadmap. Marketing flair is part innate, and part nurtured. If you’ve got an undiscovered or unnurtured talent for marketing, then you’ll love what we share and you can probably do it yourself. But if your talent and passion lie primarily in whatever your main business does, then chances are that even if you know how and why to improve your marketing, you won’t want to. That’s where we can help.

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